>2nd day and already meeting :-)


It’s January 2, and we had a meeting for YouthPinoy already (don’t forget! Come to the launch on January 16, Saturday, at UST! P50 entrance. 1 to 9 PM). It was at the Old Makati City Hall, at the Press Office. Now I know that this year will bring me to new, interesting places. What an interesting place, adorned with pictures and information about Jejomar Binay. What’s up with that guy, he started as a human rights lawyer, but according to so much news and talks about him, he is only interested in himself.

Tomorrow, I have a meeting for the CFC FFL Young Ministries. And then on Monday, my first meeting as a member of the Body of Counselors. It really will be an interesting year this year 🙂

Then the whole week we have the Pro-Life Training. And on the weekend, the CFC FFL Community Conference and the Pro-Life Conference. And then the Missionary Conference next week, the CFC FFL Weekend Conference after that, and the Clergy Conference. Phew. And then we get into the Young Ministries’ Individual Conferences.

My brain better get started booted up!

2010, here we are!

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