>Sabine, the Flower Girl

>I have been a groom, best man, groomsman, candle / cord / veil sponsor at weddings. And you know you are getting old when you become a godparent. I am a godparent as well already. But, I know I am getting really old, because Sabine was a flower girl at a wedding last night. My eldest daughter, part of the entourage.

We came from Tagaytay, got to the Church in the afternoon and had Sabine practice walking down the aisle. She didn’t go very far. But, I knew that in the evening, she would be able to do it.

We got to the wedding, and she was all dressed up. She was hesitant at first, but when she got the flowers in a basket (with a bear!), she started glowing and started walking around the place. I started praying the march would start already, but it was only 6:30, and the wedding was at 7:00. She started playing with the Ring Bearer. And I started giving him the eye.

When the march finally started, Sabine was to walk after Des. When Des started walking, Sabine started CRYING! Maybe because Des was walking with another guy, or because she was being left behind, so I went to Sabine and tried to calm her down. Good thing my future son-in-law’s mom was there (the ring bearer’s mom) and she gave Sabine Mentos. Grape flavored ones.

Sabine walked down the aisle. Looking at me walking down the side aisle along with her. And when she got to the middle, she ran to me. I carried her back to the aisle, she saw Des, and ran to the front.

Praise God. She walked. Even if half the way. šŸ™‚ She can try again in March when she is a flower again at another wedding šŸ™‚

Cecille, Ruby Ann and Dester. AKA Pangga, Che and Des.
Sabine touching Princess Enggay’s ddress. When Enggay was walking down the aisle, Sabine was saying: “Look oh, princess!”
Congrats to the newlyweds!

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