>A Belt, A Set of Socks and Boxer Shorts

>Gone are the days when I get stuff for Christmas. I used to get a lot of stuff. Now, if the gifts aren’t for my girls (Sabine and Aida), they are for Des and I. I only got 3 things (oops I almost wrote thOngs) this Christmas. That’s the way things go. The bigger your family gets, the more things go to them. It’s the world’s way to teach you how to let go 🙂

But, really, the more important things this Christmas are who support you and love you throughout everything and anything. FAMILY.

4th Christmas together!

Merry Christmas! Aida, Lil, Vania, Santi, Des, Joshua, Xavy. Sitting: Sabine, Gerry, Santino, Frank. Not in Picture: Ramon in the USA.

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