>Striving to be TRULY Pro-Life


Yesterday was the solemnity of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is the Patroness of the Americas and Empress of the Philippine Islands. It was also the Christmas Party / Recollection / Board Meeting for Pro-Life Philippines. Fr. Melvin Castro gave the recollection, and spoke on our being pro-life, and on the apparitions of Mother Mary around the world.

When Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared in Mexico in the 1500s, the area at the time was steeped in pagan practices. Sacrificing babies, eating flesh, etc. And when Our Lady appeared, it signaled the change into defending life and keeping it pure.

She really is the figure which we can gain inspiration from with regards to our being pro-life. She is our guide and gives us strength and courage when things get too difficult. I mean, how could we not get strength from someone who witnessed her own son’s sacrifice, and through it all, remained steadfast and brave.

I am striving to be pro-life in all aspects of my life. It is not easy. Especially because there are so many temptations around, there are memories of past mistakes and sins; and, there are so many people who make fun of you when you want to do the right thing. But, when we gain strength from those who have gone before us, it is not impossible.

I could not ask for more in life. Having gone through so much, learning from experiences and teaching, and knowing which way to go – even if difficult – pushes me more to fight for life. And fight for the dignity, safety and rights of every living thing – from conception to death. Very difficult, and with people hitting / screaming / laughing / mocking you every step of the way.

But is there any other way to go? We have won the battle, and victory is ours. But we cannot be complacent and let other people do the work while we sit back and watch. We need to pray and work! We need to work from victory and towards every person, making them part of this victory we have in Christ.

There is no other way.

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