>Spicy Adobo


We stayed at the priests’ dorm at the Cathedral of Naval. It is a big room with about 20 beds. And with air-conditioning! Outside, on the balcony, there is pool table, TV, DVD, etc. They hooked us up! I really cannot say anything about the hospitality of the people of Naval. They really took care of us. Feeding us every two hours, making sure we were accompanied everywhere we went, not just being around but also talking to us and making sure we felt at home.
It was wonderful! We were there mainly for the CBCP ECY ThinkTank meeting for ECY’s 25th Anniversary in 2011. And I was there to present YouthPinoy with Eilleen. To get their input and support, and to promote the use of the website. Aside from that, we were “saling-kit” during the proceedings of the meeting proper.
I also took the chance to meet the CFC FFL community in Naval. They took me (and Eilleen) to dinner at Tito Nardz’s house by the beach. They served Spicy Adobo. I LOVED IT. I couldn’t stop eating it. I was joking around that they should cook more and send me some for pasalubong. They did. So, I ate more of it last night! YUM.
We also passed the ongoing Campus Based YFL Youth Camp in Cathedral School of La Naval. I was able to speak a bit to the participants. Some 14 years old, and I joined community 14 years ago! Wow, I am old.
At the Mass on Sunday, we were introduced to the community of Naval, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there are quite a number of CFC FFL in the area 🙂 As the others said, “hindi ako magugutom dito sa Biliran”. Hope they feed me Spicy Adobo.
with Bp. Mallari of San Fernando and our host Bp. Bactol of Naval

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