>ECY @ 25 this 2011!


Not to forget the reason for the whole trip! The regional representatives of ECY got together to plan out the 25th anniversary celebration of ECY in 2011. We were facilitated by Emmanuel dela Cruz Salvacion (Christ is with us, through the cross, we have salvation).
Our facilitator, Noel Salvacion. His brother passed away on Wednesday. Noel sacrificed a lot to be with us on the weekend
Here is the whole team, after the Sunday Mass
And the service team, made up of youth from Naval. Some are YFL!
I am excited for the 25th anniversary celebration! The youth are such an important part of any organization or community. So much passion, intensity, idealism that those qualities should be built on and they should be empowered! Because it is true when they say impossible is nothing. Especially when you have a God that makes the impossible, possible!
By Sunday afternoon, we were all ready to go home and work!

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