>The Nacionalista Party and Me


Media taking pictures of Bishop Jesse praying over the NP Candidates

I attended the Mass for the Nacionalista Party this morning at Intramuros. Bishop Jesse Mercado of Paranaque officiated it with other monsignors and priests. I wasn’t going to attend, but my morning was free, and I wanted to see these Senatoriables up close (I am going to meet the Ang Kapatiran Senatoriables soon, too). I didn’t get to ask questions, but I saw them.

Ninong Manny (yes, he is our wedding ninong) and Loren were there. Loren is short. I think I saw Toots Ople, though I am not sure because I don’t really know how she looks like. Bongbong Marcos was there, and so was Col. Ariel Querubin with no handcuffs. Adel Tamano arrived after the mass. It was festive and fun. I actually like organized chaos like this. And I have never seen politicians going into COMELEC to file before. Before they went in COMELEC, Tito Sotto (who I am also related to somehow) went in there. And after they went in, Bro. Eddie Villanueva arrived. Amazing to see the sea of colors, the cacophony of noise and the passion of supporters.

Bishop Jesse gave a good message to the whole Nacionalista Party, but especially to Senator Villar. He said that they should all be like Saint Andrew, and look to Jesus at all times. And also to be ready to give up their lives for Him, and the cause of righteousness. A reminder for them, and for all of us as well.

Good luck to the NP! Here are some pictures from the morning. 🙂

Getting Interviewed

About to Raise the Hands of People

Walking Towards COMELEC

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