>House Hunting

>Last week Des and I went house hunting with Joseph and Pat. We went with our friend / broker from Integrity Realty, RJ Serra. I think it is but normal for anyone to want a place of their own. I would love the chance to be able to buy a house eventually. I know I don’t have the money to build one at the moment, but the time will come.

I remember living in a townhouse in Valley Golf for a time before moving to ALPADI. So I know we have to be patient. And while being patient, look for possibilities. We went to some SM Residences and some DMCI Residences. And a few months back we also looked at VistaLand Residences. And even did some computing if we could buy a lot and build our own house.

It doesn’t hurt to explore, compute and get excited for things. Not sure yet if we can afford a place of our own as of yet, but it isn’t stopping us from hunting down that perfect place, for a place of our own 🙂

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