>Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body

>It is not…
A culture of body versus spirit
Not an exaltation of earthly dimension of man

It is…
A compilation of 129 Papal audiences
Profound reflection on Genesis 1 and 2
Given from 1979 – 1984

The Human Body is an ICON of the Trinity
-The second Person in the Trinity actually took a human body
-Child: Fruit of love
-Family: Domestic Church / Divine Institution / Image of Trinity
-God – Son – Holy Spirit = Father – Mother – Child

-Points to a deeper reality
-Body reveals the soul
-Body makes visible the Trinity
-“Image and Likeness” of God: Scriptural and Rational nature expressed in our body

-Two become one flesh
-Why was divorce allowed – Pharisees. “In the beginning, it was not so”
-Sin distorted original plan of God for man

Original Solitude and Personhood
-“Man was not meant to be alone”
-Human needs a transcendent dimension: Soul

Original Union
-Garden of Eden
-Complementarity of Male and Female bodies

Nuptial Meaning of Body
-Marital Love as language
-Bonding and total self-giving
-Naked without shame
-Our original state
-Marriage brings us back to a state without shame
-Give completely!
-Marriage: Declaration to live in a communion of persons

Greatest Act of Love
-Jesus and Church
-“This is my body which will be given up for you”
-What married people also say to each other

God’s First Command
-“Be fruitful and MULTIPLY!”
-COMMAND, not a suggestion
-Fertility is a blessing, not a curse
-There is not a single negative word about children in the Bible

Consequences of Rejection of Teaching of the Church
-Adultery of Mind and Heart
-Lust: See women as objects, even wife
-Pornography: Number 1 sin today
Marriage: “I give myself completely.”
Contraceptive Mentality: “I give myself to you… except…”
Promiscuity (against UNION) and Homosexuality (against PROCREATION)

Call to Evangelize!
-Marriage and Celibacy are complimentary vocations
-Each is a vocation of total love and self-giving
-Husband serves wife, they serve children, and all serve society
-Celibate man / woman serve Church, they serve people / society
-Youth NEED to hear this message: Every young person has a vocation

Need to Re-Capture and Re-Envision
Man: HEAD of Family
Woman: HEART of Family
“Defer to one another out of reverence to Christ”

New Evangelization
Marriage and Family at the centerpiece
People are looking for HOPE
New apologetics of PURITY
Return to God’s ORIGINAL PLAN

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