>Is Humanae Vitae Still Relevant Today?

>“Repent and sin no more”

Humanae Vitae History
-Written by Pope Paul VI in 1968
-Is it still relevant today? YES!
-Only 15 pages, with 31 paragraphs

What happens when the teaching of Humanae Vitae is ignored?
-Regarding Birth Control
We are not informed of side effects
We have labels on cigarette packs showing side effects
Why don’t we have labels on birth control pills packages? There ARE side effects, and they are numerous.
Long term health concerns
Uterus is destroyed!
May cause permanent infertility
Breast cancer incidences are increased: Linked to abortion and the use of birth control pills
Vulnerability to STDs
Birth control is the devil’s gift to men (irresponsible men)
No consequences, in his mind! He can then engage in:
-With Birth Control
Attitudes of men and women are changed
Sex without the chance of having children leads to pornography: No need to respect women

4 Prophecies within HV (#17)
-If Birth Control becomes available and practiced, there will be a conjugal infidelity and a lowering of morality
-Men will lose respect for women in general. See them as objects of desire.
-Population control led by government will be used against weaker countries.
-Man will think he has “limitless dominion” over his body. Man will think he is a god. Leading to test tube babies, moving the sex act into laboratories.

Is it still relevant?
-Main Concern of HV was to clarify teaching of Church on issue of the transmission of life. It is in HV#4. It says nothing new, but HV was needed to meet the challenge of the day.

History at the time of HV
-Decadence of Western culture
-Sexual revolution
-Growing use of Birth Control
-Liberalization of abortion laws
-“Overpopulation” scare beginning

Ecclesiastical Context
-Vatican II did not address the issue
-John XXIII put up Birth Control Commission
-Expanded by Paul VI in 1963
-The Original Mandate was to study Birth Control pill only
-Karol Woytyla was part of the minority decision to stay true to Church teaching: Became the official teaching

Magnificent Teachings in HV
-Conjugal Love (#9)
-Responsible Parenthood (#10)
-Openness to Life (#11)
-Meaning of the Conjugal Act (#12)

HV Appeals for Cooperation
-Bishops: Work ardently and incessantly for safeguarding holiness of marriage
-Priests: First task is to expound the Church’s teaching on marriage without ambiguity

We are all called to be Missionaries! Called to work in favor of Church Teaching.
1st Strategy: Personal Witness
– In regards to NFP: Not everyone is required to do it. It CANNOT be used as a method of birth control. NFP should be used on if there is serious need to space your children. Every marital act must be OPEN TO LIFE (Church does not say that every marital act must bear fruit – that is impossible!).
2nd Strategy: Defend Large Families
– Against contraception! Always ask: Why use contraception? Overpopulation? Where is it overpopulated?! Solution to Abortion? 60% of abortions are because contraceptive methods failed! Lifestyle? Selfish!

Challenge Myths. And the myths are:
-NFP is the Rhythm Method
-NFP is not as effective as contraceptives
-Condoms stop AIDS
-Challenge Selfishness. People who are selfish have the…
Anti-Child Mentality
Want a “Designer” Family
Discrimination versus Females
Exaggerated Notion of Costs
Challenge Medical Activism
-Applying medical solutions to social problems
Doctors versus poverty
Doctors enforcing population control ideology

Address the Real Concerns!
-Church has the answers

If we don’t address the concerns in the right way, we will experience:
-Culture of Death
-Loss of generosity and future vocations (which come from big families! Families of faith)
-Clerical contraception (priests do not give life giving message of Humanae Vitae)
-“Follow your conscience”” Priests need to provide FORMATION for those consciences

“What God has joined, men must not divide”

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