>Human Father after the Father Heart of God

>The sharings were from Fr. Tom Euteneuer, Brian Clowes and Brian Scarnecchia.

Fr. Tom

Fatherhood or Fatherless?
“Fatherless America”
Father have a social role
And society has a role in forming men
Benefits: Men become good men. Privileges children.
Benefits for children:
Physical protection
Culture transmission (role models)
Day to day nurturing
All dependent on Fatherhood

Fatherlessness leads to:
Youth violence
Violence against women
Child sex abuse
Economic insecurity
Adolescent wedlock

Spiritual Fatherhood
Every biological father must CHOOSE to be a spiritual father
Internal dimension of paternity
BEGETTING for kingdom, instead of just generating children
Spiritual Transmission
Spiritual Nurturing

Deficits of Not Having a Spiritual Father
Breakdown of personal order
Loss of vocational sense: Don’t lead them to God, but lead them to sin
Misdirection of masculine energy
Destruction of friendship / families
SCANDAL: When people don’t speak up, especially if they are supposed to be spiritual fathers

Brian C.

Lifeblood of any relationship: COMMUNICATION in speech and body

How does a child spell love? TIME
Love your spouse
Spend time with your children

Tips on Speaking with Children
Advice must be built on a previous good relationship with your child
Be absolutely clear about what is acceptable behavior and what is not
Listen with respect when they speak
Children need boundaries. Must have fixed consequences for violating them.
Trust them to do the right thing.
A child lives UP to what you expect of them. Set HIGH standards!

World prioritizes Physical, then Mental, then Emotional and then Spiritual
WE MUST first be Spiritually compatible, then emotionally compatible, then mentally compatible, and then, after marriage, physical compatibility is easy.

Chastity avoids:
Unwanted pregnancy and single parenthood
Lying and hiding
Side effects
Fear of loss of soul
Loss of self-respect

Gandhi: “It is easier to live a life of virtue than it is to live a life without it.”

Only 2 things can bring contentment: FAITH AND FAMILY

3 threats to children:
Pre-marital sex and co-habitation
Birth control

Brian S.

Fornication: Sin against general justice
Because we owe to society being chaste! Fornication leads to sex leads to babies. Babies without fathers, etc.

If Humanae Vitae is followed, parents will have credibility with their children.

Be a good enough father, we don’t have to be the best father. Don’t be too hard on ourselves.

Children will make mistakes. Be there for them. But they have to face the consequences.

Be there for your children. Or they will find that equalizing factor with others, and with devastating effects.

Be ready to apologize.


One question came up, that was interesting enough to jot down: Can a HIV Positive man use condoms with his non-infected wife?

NO. Because condoms FAIL!
Is it more important for the man to have sex, than to protect the health and well-being of his wife?
Issue of justice! Health of wife is at stake. And if both get infected, their children will become orphans.
Best solution: ABSTAIN!

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