>Asian Youth Day News

>I wrote 2 articles yesterday for Asian Youth Day. I was inspired 🙂 I am posting them here:

Upon entering the venue, you are greeted, aside from the beautiful scenery and cool weather, by numerous people in orange shirts. They number more than a hundred, and they are found everywhere, from the main venue to the cafeteria to the classrooms.

Some are interacting with delegates, and others are busy with things pertaining to the Asian Youth Day. Upon more observation, you notice the word VOLUNTEER emblazoned across the back of their shirts.

They are the volunteers of the Asia Youth Day. People who are not being paid, who took off time from school and from work, and who sacrificed precious time to serve the youth of Asia. They are here to serve, and are here after the heart of God. They do not seek recognition, nor do they seek compensation. But they do this for the love of Christ, and the challenge to show that love to others.

We are proud to serve with them,and are proud to be served by them. For in this way we experience the brotherhood of the Church in Asia.


— and —-

At the start of the YASIA Walk, Bishop Baylon, CBCP ECY Chairman, gave a short exhortation to put everyone in the right spirit and frame of mind for the upcoming activity.

He spoke of the Mystery of God. How mystery, when translated into Tagalog, can be any of two things: Kababalaghan or Hiawaga.

Kababalaghan, meaning you have an idea of the mystery, but cannot fully grasp it in its totality.

And Hiwaga, meaning you are in wonder and awe of the mystery.

Both are parts of the mystery of God, and both lead us to a deeper understanding of the mystery.

Now the YASIA Walk has started, where all the delegates go to different areas around the venue and discussand share their experiences of being a Catholic Youth in Asia.

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