>Walking in the Light

>I arrived from Malaysia at 5AM yesterday. Took a nap, and then went to the Baptism of my god-daughter Tara Besinga Sarmiento. I promised to God to guide Tara in her journey as a Christian, and in her life in the world. How else can you do that, but by being the best example that you can be in your own life as well.

I learned so much over the past few days in Miri, Malaysia. I am posting what I learned on this site: http://pinoyforlife.blogspot.com/. Information should be shared, so more people can learn how to move their lives into the light.

I am still struggling in many aspects of my own life, but I am walking toward that life in the light. And am going to try my best to be a good example to Tara, to my other god-children and to every person I meet in this world.

Our Speakers

These people inspired all of us. The two on the left are the moderators. Fr. Tom, Dr. Ligaya, Brian C., Brian S., Kerry and one other woman.

And us with them. Really, a privelege to have been there. Now, time to work!

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