>The Hidden Population Control Agenda: Sterilising Women

>Brian Clowes again took us through the facts on this matter. The attacks on Asia don’t come from within Asia. It comes from Washington, DC and London. So we need to think like an American or a European (no rice?).

Their number one motivation for sterilisation is to preserve the economic status of developed countries. This is mentioned in the National Security Study Module – 200 (NSSM-200) or also known as the Kissinger Report. A highly classified report which was de-classified only a few years ago. And has not been rescinded.

All they do is make large, poor families into small, poor families.

He spoke on how the whites are afraid of the non-whites taking over the world. About how Africa’s fertility rate is higher than 5 (like 7.26 for Niger), while white countries have fertility rates lower than replacement (2.1).

Anti-lifers come in through:
Controlling governments
Promoting women’s rights and western ideals
Sex education
Sterilisation and contraception
Illegal, then legal abortion

He spoke on Eugenics – which is breeding better humans, and preventing others from breeding. The SCIENCE CZAR of Obama – John Holden – has written that sterilisation agents should be put in the water supply of America; minorities should be forced to have abortions; and there should be global enforcement of population control measures. He co-authored a book (ECOSCIENCE) which advocates zero population growth rate. I suppose Obama agrees.

Sterilisation is pushed because it is permanent, there is no monitoring, it can be done secretly, in most countries it is legal and cannot be reversed (after some time).

He spoke on CEDAW and how they are pushing the change in traditional roles, and are saying that is needed to achieve equality for women. How they say that abortion, sterilisation and homosexuality are fundamental human rights. And how marriage is a prison.

Clowes showed us the vast people against us (UN, governments of developed nations, media, entertainment, etc) but reminded us that we have more on our side (2 Cor. 12: 9 – 10 … my grace is sufficient for you …): God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, Saints, Angelic Host, people of God! So we must keep fighting!

At the end of time, God will not say: DID YOU SUCCEED? But DID YOU TRY?

Mother Teresa: Saying there are too many children is like saying there are too many flowers in the world.

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