>10 Myths Media Tells us about Abortion

>Brian Clowes gave 2 sessions in the afternoon. Both were very informative and I would need more time to digest, study and take to heart everything he said. He uses his signature “nonchalant” way of speaking, but with the content of his talk, it hits you anyway.

He says, and I agree, that media does NOT report. Media interprets the news. And, if needed, generates the news. And the initial step of population controllers is to get ahold of media, so media can report on whatever they want.

Myths, and how they are busted.
1. World is overpopulated. We must have abortion and population control.
– In 1975, scientists all over the world said the world was cooling down – global cooling. And then, in 1992 – only 17 years later – they changed their minds and said the world is heating up. So, we shouldn’t always depend solely on scientists and their minds.
– Most common claim: 88 Million people are added every year. And the population DOUBLES every 37 years.
– BUT according to the UN, population will rise to 8 Billion people, then will START TO DROP. Now, Europe loses 3 Million people a year!
– Abortion is used to hold down the population of non-white nations.

2. 70,000 women die each year from unsafe abortions worldwide.
– They (pro-death people) used to say 1 Million women die each year. Then they said 500,000. Then 200,000. And now 70,000. ACTUAL NUMBER is more like 2,600 – 2,800 women a year.
– Where do the pro-death numbers come from?
…“Hospital Statistics” that are made up
…Vague global estimates
…“If they believe it, it must be true”
– Abortion is not much safer whether legal or illegal. Same people will do it anyway! Those who do it illegally, when legalized will do it legally.
– In the USA, 2/3rds of women who get abortions were using contraceptives when they got pregnant.
– Pro-death plan: Sell sex education. Promote curiosity. Get people to have sex. So, use contraception. Even with contraception, get pregnant. Leads to abortion.
– When abortion is legalized, more women die.
– In the US, at least 50 women a year are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends because they refused to have an abortion. (www.abortionviolence.com)

3. Abortion death rate of mothers is lower than that of childbirth.
– Abortion death rate is counted as those mothers who have died ON THE TABLE complications only. If they go home and die, they are not counted as death due to abortion.
– And childbirth numbers actually INCLUDE even those who die because of abortion!

4. Abortions are necessary for rape, incest, birth defects and to save the life and health of the mother.
– These are the “typical” abortions according to Planned Parenthood. They are trying to appeal to how you feel.
– Reality (reasons that women really give for getting an abortion):
… Can’t Afford to Have a Baby (20%)
… Can’t Handle the Responsibility (20%)
… A Baby will Change my Life (20%)
… Lack of Maturity (10%)
… This Baby is a Secret (20%)
… Hard Cases make up 0.6% ONLY!
… Mother’s Life in Danger (0.36%)
… Rape Cases (0.09%)
… Birth Defects (0.24%)
– So women who choose abortion because of their “lifestyle” make up 99%!

5. It’s her body so she can do with is as she pleases.
– But the mother is already made! She is making decisions for someone who has not yet been made completely.
– And, here is proof that the baby is NOT part of the mother’s body:
…Baby can be a boy! So, obviously, is not part of a woman’s body.
…They can have different blood types.
…They can be of different races.
…Baby needs to implant itself.
…Baby can die, and mom can live (and vice versa)

6. We don’t know when human life begins.
– They are really saying: WE DON’T CARE WHEN LIFE BEGINS
– Everything is either dead or alive. No POTENTIAL LIFE
– If you examine the chromosomes, you see that they are LIVING and HUMAN
– Pro-abortion people should have the burden of proof in proving that they are dead

7. Women have to have the right to choose.
– No freedom is absolute. Freedoms are given for the good of society. Can I demand the right to kill a born being?
– Some choices are simply wrong
– Ask: Right to choose what?

8. Men have no right to speak out against abortion.
– Abortion on demand was given by 9 men in the US Supreme Court. No one complained then. Now pro-death people are complaining.
– A truth is a truth no matter who says it
– Most abortion leaders are older women who can’t get pregnant! So shouldn’t they also have no right to speak out against abortion?

9. You can’t legislate morality.
– Name ONE LAW that does not legislate morality!
– This is a HUMAN issue. It bypasses politics. It is an issue of life.
– All laws are based on the 10 commandments. If we cannot legislate morality, then we should get rid of those laws as well.
Laws against murder.
Against adultery.
Against stealing, etc.

10. Every child must be a wanted child.
– A CHILD’S WORTH is not based on how much they are wanted.
– Newborn murders have increased since abortion was legalized. If abortion makes killing babies legal before they are born; then babies can also be “aborted” even after being born.

Skills We Need: Praying and Debating!

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