>Brunei Beauties 2009

>There was a controversy years ago about some Pinays going to Brunei. I can’t really remember it, but it became a Senate hearing, there were actresses involved, and all sorts of speculation went around. Were they guests? Guests with benefits? Models? Whatever it was, just like all Senate hearings, no one knew the result. All media hype, no substance.

I heard that Brunei was only 2 hours away, and my mistake was letting my co-delegates know, so when we had… um… time, we partook of an unscheduled excursion to Brunei. 🙂

Seriously, though, I wasn’t going to go. But how could I let my co-delegates go by themselves? 3 lolas going to unfamiliar territory? I had to go along with them (Doctors Angie and Jo, and tita Maribel).

I had a great time with them! Non-stop talking. About everyone under the sun (I can imagine the bleeding tongues out there). They had opinions on everything! It was non-stop laughter. I love them! I can imagine my girls growing up to be like them.

We went to the Empire Hotel (like a palace!), the new and old Mosques, the Assumption Church, the water village, the mall, the Sultan’s home and all these other places. All in 3 hours. We had an interesting driver, too – Lee – who would not take us to places we wanted to go because it was “a waste of time and useless”. Haha Malaysian hospitality?

I am glad to have gone with them to Brunei. New friends, new experiences, new realizations on life and how much I really do love the Philippines. No place on earth can compare!

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