>Our work is at the heart of Jesus and the Church


Original here.
I am always in awe when I meet a Bishop, Archbishop or Cardinal. It could be my respect for authority kicking in, but more than that, ever since learning more about the Church and being even more connected to it, meeting these men always make me see and experience God even more.
And meeting Cardinal Rigali, with such an illustrious “career” in the Church, just made my jaw drop and my spirit soar. Wow. So much responsibility and achievements in such a humble and simple vessel.
And what he said was just as awe-invoking as himself. He affirmed our work in CFC FFL as being in the heart of Jesus and of the Church. How can you ask for anything more than that?
I got from him that we have the possibility to contribute something that will last. As long as it is always in the name of Jesus. Never forget that, Xavy!
We can do anything in Christ, with Christ and through Christ. Even end the scourge and the silent holocaust of abortion.
“Abortion is an abomination before God! Abortion, in the minds of decent people, must be UNTHINKABLE!”
It’s time to bring back decency into the world!

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