>It’s … Necessary, Possible, ME, Hard, Worth It, TIME!


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Last Friday. CFC FFL and the Association of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities hosted a Pro Life Summit before the 15th Anniversary Conference of CFC FFL (along with the Kids and the Handmaids). I was so excited to attend this, as Pro Life is turning out to be a major part of my life (in fact, I want to devote even more time to it, if possible). The speakers are all major “players” in the Pro Life movement like David Bereit of 40 Days for Life, Christa Lopiccolo of the Archdiocese of Washington, Joe Scheidler of the Pro Life Action League, Cardinal Rigali of Philadelphia and also the head of the Pro Life Office of the USCCB. I was not going to miss it!
And at the start of the Conference, my eyes were already filled with tears – of joy, of shame, of passion, of let’s get to work already! David (naks, close!) spoke of people involved in the fight for the culture of life, and the stories would really make you cry for such people who sacrifice so much for what they believe in. Cry for joy because there are people like that leading the way. Cry of shame because I myself have not done enough or even started to do anything, Cry of passion because this is the cry of my heart.
David mentioned 6 things that we should take into consideration when we start this way of life, partake of this culture of life. And maybe we can even apply these 6 things to all aspect of our lives, not only about being Pro Life.
It is Necessary to start doing something! Abortion kills a human life every 24 SECONDS! How can we not be moved to do something? I often wonder how people, who were fetuses themselves, who came from that same place and origin, NOT give the chance to others to live? This is the height and pinnacle of SELFISHNESS.

It is Possible to make a difference. I may only be one, but I AM one. I can do anything. I can make a difference. All because I believe and trust in a God who can do the impossible. I know this for a fact. In my life, in my experiences, in every aspect. God can make the impossible, possible. And we too, with His help, can make a difference. It can be done!

It’s Me. If we keep waiting for others to do things, nothing will ever get done. If we keep giving suggestions, but don’t do anything, then we are just noisy gongs which irritate people. We have to walk our talk. It has to start somewhere, and it has to be me.

It will be Hard! Who wants to fight so many people over what they have been deceived to believe is right? Who wants to continuously be on guard? Who want to have their family attacked and ridiculed for what they believe in? But, we have a good example to follow. Jesus. When things get hard, and we have apparently nowhere to go, we look to His example, and we know we still can go somewhere: UP!

It’s Worth It. If we can be used to bring only one soul back to Christ in our lifetime, wouldn’t it be all worth it? I believe so. And if every person would do the same, wouldn’t we be able to make a change in this world? It’s worth it. All the pain, frustration, mockery – it is all worth it.

And it is Time. When else will we start? Do we still have to talk and talk and talk? Do we still have to set plannings and meetings and conference? Or is it time to do something? Time to make that difference. Time to step up. Time to be heard.
This is the cry of my heart. This is what I am called to do. Will you join me?

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