>It’s Freezing in Miri

>After the first day of the 16th Human Life International Asia Pacific Conference, I decided to return to my realizations from the USA Pro-Life Conference that I attended last July (as part of the CFC FFL Conference in Maryland). Learning like that shouldn’t be forgotten. So I reposted them here, here and here. Read them, please 🙂

I am currently writing my new realizations from this conference I am attending, so expect a deluge of pro-lifey-ness (now that is making a serious issue cute).

On the way here, I took a 4 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur. I didn’t remember being told there was no food, so I starved the whole way. Then got to KL and ate in McDonald’s. I was starving. Took a 2 hour flight to Miri, and got to the hotel at almost midnight. My first prayer was answered. Not to have a room-mate! I should have one, but he hasn’t arrived from the Philippines yet. Maybe tonight.

Had Mass, 2 very filled and fulfilling sessions and enjoyed getting to know people from 17 countries (there are more than 600 delegates). And good thing I brought a jacket because the venue is FREEZING. Outside it is warm and humid, but inside… Wow. People are forming icicles on their noses.

Now I am thawing, and will get to writing about the conference soon 🙂

(Bishop Lee who doesn’t like having his picture taken!)

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