>God doesn’t make junk!


Original here.
People have such low self worth. I think that is one of the main reasons why there is so much hate and evil in the world. Because people think that they are not good enough. That there is always someone better, that they don’t deserve to be happy, that they are losers and have no future in this world.
How can you even think that? I cannot comprehend it. To doubt our self worth is to doubt our God who made us in His image and likeness. “GOD DOESN’T MAKE JUNK!”
Joe said, and I agree and we even hear this everywhere and all the time: Every single one of us has a plan from God for us. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US. No exceptions! All of us have a specific role to play in this world of ours.
But we have to believe that. And trust in God and serve Him. Or else, we will fall into the temptation to be downcast and hopeless. We have to move on with faith, just like the woman who touched Jesus with FAITH and was healed instantly. If we move on with that same faith, we will be healed.
And it won’t be easy, of course. In a world that doesn’t believe, the one who believes is always the outcast. And is always wounded. But again, just as how Thomas recognized Jesus, we too will be recognized by our wounds. I am a firm believer that our work of life, of family, of evangelization will wound us. But it is by these wounds we are healed.
Joe reminded me that we will either go to Heaven or hell. And people who do evil cannot do evil as evil. They have to pretend that the evil that they do is good, and so they lie to themselves. We have the job and the call to show them the lies that they believe in. Our faith compels us!

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