>Defender of Life

>I got back to Manila on Monday a few minutes to midnight. The flight was actually one hour AHEAD of schedule. And to think I almost missed it in Detroit (my flight from Newark was delayed, and I ran to the wrong gate). After spending the whole Tuesday with family and household, now, I am back in an airport for another flight to Miri, Malaysia.

I am taking an Air Asia flight out of Clark, Pampanga. It didn’t take long to get here, maybe about 2 hours from Antipolo. I got here at 8AM, but the terminal didn’t open until 9AM. So we all had to wait outside the airport. Then, after checking in, the Immigration Area didn’t open until 10AM. Go figure. It must be more laid back here. The x-ray screeners even change money, if you missed the forex in the lobby. I wonder if that’s legal…

(Clark Airport)

Now waiting for the flight to KL, with the terminal having free wi-fi. And then the connecting flight to Miri.

I am attending the Human Life International Asia Pacific Conference. And I am extremely excited for it! I cannot wait to hear all the speakers, and get educated more on issues. I realized during a debate I had in a car in NY that this is my passion, and I need to be more involved and educated. I need also to speak out more and defend the right views and stance on life issues.

This is where I am headed. Obstacles and walls beware. I am ramming through you.


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