>Kindle in the Philippines!


My Kindle arrived today! I bought it here in the US, and it was delivered after 2 days.

I ordered books on Amazon, and when I turned on the Kindle they were already in it!


I have been researching, and it also works in the Philippines. The books are also sent via 3G without extra cost. Amazing.

I just have to research if I have to set my Kindle location to the Philippines instead of the US. I guess that’s really a no-brainer. Haha.

Time to start reading!


  1. >Hi.. i was just passing through and saw your blog about kindle. I've been doing some research on it too and was wondering if it really works in the philippines since I am about to order one in the U.S. Does kindle need to have it registered with one of our service providers here in the Phils. just to have it working? How does it work? Would really love to hear from you, thank you so much..

  2. >Yes it does! No need to register it with a provider in the Philippines. There is a small added cost per download of any book (I think $2) and it is sent right away. Get one!

  3. >It can be used with 3G or wifi. Either will do. The books transfer to the Kindle right away. Though you can download it to a PC and then transfer, if you want.And a Kindle is an e-Reader. Download books on it, and read it on a small tablet. Check Amazon. Also, Barnes and Noble have one called Nook.

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