>Family Ties

>Last week I spent the night at my brother’s apartment in New York City. I love his apartment! And I love the view. Check it out (Ramon turning on his artwork, the Empire State Building, and the view of the other side):


We had dinner at my aunt’s place first, with my cousin Bea who was also in NY at the time. Steak and sinigang. And white wine. I didn’t even touch the sinigang. Why should I eat that, when there’s steak?

My brother, Bea and tita Sandra on the wall.

After dinner, we went to Ramon’s apartment for red wine and conversation about Facebook and family. I slept there. I like visiting Ramon when I am NY. Aside from the good food and time with him, it is always good to talk about many things. Ramon and I are as different as night and day. And given the chance, we would really be fighting all the time.

We are 3 years apart (he’s older). He took up Business Management Honors in Ateneo, I took Humanities. He went corporate (P&G, Deloitte, Philip Morris, L’Oreal), I became a Missionary. He went to Harvard for Masters, I am starting up my MA in Theology in the Loyola School of Theology.

He has been in NYC for years, living in his own posh apartments. I lived with my parents for years, and now, married, I live in a place connected to theirs. He has liberal views of things, and I have conservative views of things.

In almost everything, we can end up fighting (but, looking back, we never really fought… except for that one time when we fought over a toy Transformer when we were 7 or 10), but family ties are stronger than any other opinion we can have of each other.

He loves my daughters and talks about them often. He loves our family (even if he won’t admit it). And he loves meeting up with us. And we love him, too.

When I left his place, I said a prayer to keep our relationship solid. And for us, no matter that the ideological differences, to be brothers who will support one another no matter what. 🙂

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