>Zeal for You consumes me


Whenever I get something new, I get consumed by it. I read the manual, I search the internet, I keep playing with the gadget to find out things about it – how it works, what makes it different. And I do this with youthful vigor. With an excitement that can last for days.

But then, after a time, your new thing becomes old, and that excitement wanes. Until you find a new thing, and excitement and passion get diverted to something else.

We should get consumed by things that won’t perish or fade away. We should have zeal that does not disappear, because we have zeal for something that keeps us interested, excited and surprised at new things about it.

There are no things of the world that are like that. We will only be consumed and zealous for God. He won’t disappear or fade away. There is always something new to know about him, everyday. And we will not have to redirect our attention to others, because he always surprises us.

Consume me with zeal for you!

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