>A Different Shade of Gray


Sometimes people don’t think we are serious with our conversion, or our being missionaries, because they don’t see us living that way of life in our own lives. Sure, we can say we are slowly changing, dying to ourselves and moving towards the right way to live – but how long should it take?

I believe that though it does take time, we need to have that first explosion of conversion. That change that will make people notice, but more than that, will make ourselves notice that we have decided to change for the better.

It will be painful, cutting those areas which need to be cut, but it will always lead to healing and strengthening of ourselves.

What’s the obvious step? Knowing what is right or wrong. Black or white. Good or evil. Nothing in the middle, nothing gray. When we start thinking gray, we start compromising, and that does not lead to that explosion of conversion.

Black or white. There really isn’t any gray. And we know that.

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