>Guilty Pleasures


Yes, I watch Stairway to Heaven. I didn’t watch the Korean version, but I am following the Pinoy version. Even online, I watch it (on http://www.kapams.tk or panaloto.blogspot.com). It is just so interesting! I wonder why we Pinoys can’t come up with clever storylines and fast paced happenings on our shows. It is always the same thing happening on soaps that we do. We have to copy other countries’ ideas for our shows to become interesting. I tried following Katorse, but the values espoused on that show are terrible. That should be discontinued.
Aside from that, I have my own dose of Reality Shows which I write about, actually. Reality Shows are always interesting because it has people fighting in it. And people want to beat each other to win. Our most primal instincts come out on Reality Shows… so maybe that’s why it is called Reality, though in some cases, they are scripted.
I also love politics. I can say that I am following JC de los Reyes in the 2010 elections, because it is good to note that there are people who are solid and want to make a real change, without having to bend towards how things are “normally” done. And internationally, I check up on Sarah Palin now and then. Again, someone who is standing for the right things, though misunderstood because of those beliefs. I am waiting for her book to come out:
(Out on November 17!)
I am also eagerly waiting the filing of candidacies to see who is running with whom. If those saying they want change stock their slate with the same old people (Like Noynoy having socialist Risa Hontiveros. Or Villar also having socialist Satur Ocampo).
Who said that life is not interesting? Life is what you make it. And there are so many things we can watch, write, read about. Just go out there and live.

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