There are many kinds of “equalizers” in the world. In the world of reality shows, it is the flight on the Amazing Race which gets all the teams together again. In the world of greed, it is a war which doesn’t care which side you are on when the bullets start flying. In the world of calamities, it is the flood which hits both rich and poor, powerful and powerless.

And most of these equalizers are negative. Pulling down the rich, stripping the powerful, cutting the lead of those ahead. But there is a great, positive equalizer. And from the picture above, you can guess who it is: Jesus.

When Jesus taught, he taught to everyone. When he healed, he healed anyone willing to be healed. When he fed, he fed everyone – regardless of being rich or poor, hungry or not, old or young. He didn’t choose. He didn’t judge. He didn’t pull, strip or cut. He equalized everyone through his love for everyone.

I get excited when the front runner of the Amazing Race gets on equal footing again with the rest. I relish the thought of the powerful (and corrupt, in most cases) losing their power and seeing how it feels to be like the rest of us. And I think about the chances for all of us to afford what the rich and famous afford. But these are all due to my own selfishness, and maybe even love for myself.

When in fact, we need to do everything out of our love for others. Jesus calls us to be equalizers as well. Loving (and serving) everyone to the best of our ability, just as he had shown us 2000 years ago.

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