>A reminder in the midst of modernity


We went all around New York City yesterday. Walking block after block. Empire State Building, 5th Avenue, Bryant Park, New York Library, Pinkberry, looking for Gray’s Papaya (which we didn’t find), Radio City Music Hall, Chicken and Rice on the street, Apple Store, Rockefeller Center, NBC Studios and a lot more places (no wonder my feet are killing me). And even if we were walking quite briskly, people would walk past us, rushing to someplace they had to be. Walking fast, coffee in hand, with their bluetooth-enabled cellphones…. Not really looking up or down at anything. Just straight, not minding anyone or anything else along the way.

At the middle of out trip, we went into St. Patrick’s Cathedral. And it is beautiful. Our Theology teacher said that one of the reasons they make the roof so high up is so that we can look up towards God. At the front of the Cathedral, there was the Blessed Sacrament. And I spent a few minutes there recuperating from the day.

And that is what it is all about, isn’t it? In the midst of our busy-ness and wanting to change the world, we should not forget that it is Jesus. Only Jesus. Always Jesus.

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