>Flight Attendants Gossip

>On the flight to New Jersey I got a seat near the hangout of the flight attendants. They were talking smack about each other. When one would leave, the rest would start talking about him/her. I know it is normal to have opinions about each other, but while you are on the job, try to keep those opinions to yourself. Especially if the passengers are within earshot of what you are saying.

Also, if this gossiping interferes with your work, then stop it. They ended up paying less attention to the passengers because they were all just talking with each other. It was annoying. They were just going through the aisles quickly to serve food, so they could go back to their hangout to continue their gossiping.

And they have always been like that. Being sour to passengers, and then just laughing and chatting among themselves. Hay, sayang. Maybe it is time to change airlines.

Ok, show me a flight attendant from Northwest who looks like this… I have never encountered one.

Now that Northwest is with Delta, I hope things get better, and there will be less sour flight attendants. And each chair gets a video screen of its own šŸ™‚

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