>Antipolo, or bust!

>This is a map of the first district of Antipolo, of which I am a part. I have always had the desire to go into politics. On the Padilla side: My lolo was a Senator (Ambrosio Padilla). My great grandfather was Secretary of Finance (Don Antonio de las Alas). My uncle is in the Department of Health (Alexander Padilla). On the Sotto side: Well, Tito Sotto is a relative, and so his grand-uncle and grandfather are also relatives (and also Senators).

Is it in the blood? Will I get sucked in the system or rise above it? Is it something worth giving years of your life to? The stress and everything that goes with it? Criticism?

I think politics isn’t something that is passed on from generation to generation. The love of other people, the love for other people and the desire to serve others – that is what should be passed on generation after generation. So you are there because you want to serve… whether you have a position of influence or not.

It takes a lot for someone to decide to go into the “snake pit” that is Philippine politics, and it is not something that should be taken lightly. I commend everyone who is in it, who have pure intentions and are struggling against the red tape and the corruption that greets them everyday. We need more people like you, and we need to pray for more people like you.

Am I one of those people? Are you?

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