(A play on the official logo :))

Witnessing to the World through the Word. A big challenge, if you think about it. But something sorely needed in the world today. YouthPinoy is initially a website that brings together Filipinos who are Catholic and who are young. But it will branch out into activities, forums and other activities that will help all Young, Catholic Filipinos witness to the world through the Word.

That’s exactly what is missing now. Youth who witness to God’s greatness and goodness. Youth who show others that being Catholic is a blessing and something worth fighting for. People who are striving to understand their faith, and in doing so, become even more convicted in what they believe in.

People who live lives that are solid and upright. That only want what is good – for them, for their families and for the world. And YouthPinoy will try to be an avenue to help make that happen. By having Young Filipinos who are Witnessing to the World through the Word!

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