>The Facebook world is full of opinionated people. Just look at what happened to Jacque Bermejo during the height of Typhoon Ondoy. And so, once in a while, people get into fights / discussion on Facebook regarding personal opinions. Sometimes we just let it go, not wanting to engage other people: because it is their opinion after all, and people are entitled to their opinions. But sometimes you just have to comment, and get ready for the backlash.

Facebook fighting is always a fun way to go through a day. Take, for example, my latest discussion:

FACEBOOK FRIEND: Ang Kapatiran guy at the AIM forum who does not agree that government should spend on contraceptives: “We must just demand that men respect their wives.” Uh, yeah. Go tell them.

XAVY: I agree with him 🙂

FACEBOOK FRIEND: I think it is so medieval and chauvinistic that the health of a woman’s body is left to a statement such as “demand that men respect their wives.” The thing that seems to be disregarded is that we have separation of Church and State and citizens should have a choice. The Catholic mindset must not dictate the choices of the people. They can encourage them to lean one way and guide their conscience but they must not take it upon their hands to direct the laws of a country. That is not in its realm of responsibility. The Catholic Church is being fascist.

XAVY: The Ang Kapatiran guy was representing the Catholic Church? Or because he is Catholic? That makes majority of the people in government representing the Church as well (since they are Catholic and have the Catholic mindset). Maybe if people who believe in something, or are part of a certain faith, actually practice their beliefs; then we can have a … Read Morebetter society. Instead of people saying they are part of a certain faith but only choosing some aspects they want to believe in. And what is so chauvinistic about having men respect their wives? Isn’t that what we all commit to in marriage anyway? 🙂

And then, when you have said your piece, just leave the discussion and “deadma” the alerts that other people have commented on your comment – and move on to the next Facebook game.

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