>Kaizen is a Japanese word for Continuous Improvement. It was mentioned during the YouthPinoy strategic planning, that was conducted by OCCI. Chona, the lead facilitator, was very good, and was able to bring the group together and let a lot of ideas come out. I would have liked to speak to her more, and maybe get her to do her Kids Leadership Training to KFL. I think I will look for her number…

Anyway, Kaizen was mentioned, and it stuck. Just one of those things that get stuck in your head like a fly on flypaper (which is very inhumane… but they’re flies, so they are… inhuman). We should all have that attitude / value in our own lives. Continuously improving ourselves, what we do, the output we expect from ourselves. Because once we get complacent and stop challenging ourselves, then we start to become irrelevant and replaceable.

Even in missionary work, it applies. We have to keep thinking of new ways to bring the message of Jesus to people. We have to continuously improve our lives to be examples – good examples – to the people who interact and see us. We have to act in ways that will bring joy and profound change to people. The time we stop doing that, then we end up doing the “same old same old” things, and we miss out on opportunities that come our way.

I have been getting a lot of opportunities for Kaizen-ing, and it is now my own challenge to make sure I don’t miss out on these opportunites for growth. Even in small ways, we need to continuously improve ourselves.

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