>Passion and Action

>There are many things I am passionate about. God, Family, CFC FFL. Also going to new places and seeing the wonders of nature and the inventions of man. Friends. Even enemies, sure why not. I am passionate about imagination, writing, drawing, daydreaming. I am passionate about new things, weird things, interesting things. I love the environment, and I am sure there is an environmental activist inside me waiting to get out. I like following politics, and I am passionate about choosing the right people to lead the country. And, added to all this, I am passionate now, more than ever, about being ProLife.

It isn’t only about the RH Bill. Or condoms. Or abortion. Or being loud. Or having big events and commercials and advertisements. Or sex. Or homosexual marriage. We can get so caught up in those issues, that being ProLife becomes an issue. It is not an issue. Being ProLife is a way of life.

When you defend life – in all shapes and forms and in all stages of development – then everything follows: You will love the environment and be an activist (how can you save the dolphin and push for the ethical treatment of animals, and then turn around and push for the killing of babies?). Your imagination and creativity will soar. Your faith and spirituality will deepen. Your friends will increase. Even enemies, why not. And so many more things in life will fall into place. This is my passion. And, of course, it spurs me to action. I am continuously fixing my life to follow the ProLife way of life. It isn’t easy, just as any other major shifts in life it takes time and is painful, but it is worth it.

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