>I Vote for Life 2010

>This week, heads of organizations advocating the prolife way of life met in Makati city for one reason: to unite to make sure prolife candidates win in the 2010 Philippine elections. The organizations present were MOLR, INA, CFC FFL, ProLife Youth, Samahan ng mga Kababaihan, Kababaihan ng Maynila, BUHAY, FAMAR, ProLife Philippines, Architects for Life, Regina Pacis, FAMAF, DMI, Kabataang Bagong Buhay, Human Life International, Student Catholic Action, Kanlungan ng Buhay, Ang Kapatiran Party, El Shaddai, Rachels Support Group, ASC, Mapua Tech, CBCP, Congress, Daughters of Mary Immaculate, ALFI, MAYNILA, Alliance for the Family, AKO-ABA, SMDP, New Earth of Love Peace and Joy, CFC GMFI, Worldwide Filipino Alliance, Parishes, WOOMB… among others.

President (of ProLife Philippines) Lito Atienza facilitated the event, which included updates from the House of Representatives regarding the RH Bill from some of the Congressmen present. Congressmen, such as Congressman Benny Abante (Manila), Congressman Amado Bagatsing (Manila), Congressman Raul del Mar (Cebu) and Congressman Irwin Tieng (BUHAY). CBCP Lawyer Jo Imbong was there, and so was Fenny Tatad and Sr. Pilar Verzosa. Many more “personalities” were there as well, which impressed me. There are many prolife people, we just really needed an event like this to bring them out in the open!

A lot of things were discussed. And everyone was in agreement for what needs to be done next. The major thing is to get together prolife candidates and bring out that list to the public. And from filing to end of term, watch them as they become prolife advocates in government. I for one am inspired by the people who were there during that meeting. People who are at the forefront of the battle, who have battle scars, but are still willing to fight it out, to be able to bring the message and way of life of prolife. Amen!

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