>Bataan Techno Park

>We went to Bataan Techno Park in Morong, Bataan over the weekend. We were there for a YouthPinoy planning (which I will write about later on). The last time I went to Morong, we went through the whole Bataan, through zig-zagging roads, and I know it was FAR. So I was apprehensive about it.

But, apparently it is nearer now. We took NLEX to the SCTEX exit. Then too SCTEX all the way to the Subic exit (Tipo exit). From Manila to NLEX to the end of SCTEX only took about an hour (of course we were going about 120KPH). Then from Subic, Morong is only 20 minutes away. Go in Subic and go the direction of Ocean Adventure / Zoobic / Anvaya Cove. It brings you out a back gate into Morong.

The Techno Park itself is huge. It has cabanas and a hall for planning. A chapel, lots of open space, and it overlooks a creek, a river and mountains. Nice and quiet. It was the perfect place to relax, plan and be peaceful. I wouldn’t mind going back there.

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