Jino-Job ka ba?


Job. I would say that majority of people are afraid of this book in the Bible. It is equated with death, pain and suffering. And when we heard that our CFC FFL theme for 2010 would be from Job, that’s what entered our (my) mind right away. Will 2010 be a year of suffering for all of us?

The theme was explained, or has started to be explained, on the Thursday before Ondoy hit. We were spiritually ready for Ondoy. Even if the theme is for 2010, hearing the explanation got many people ready for the weekend. No matter how horrible it turned out to be.

Now, I would say that there are a lot of things happening to people who can now see the bigger picture of what is happening to them. “Jino-Job sila” in other words. Doesn’t make it harder to understand or accept, but it gives us hope that even in all of this – blessed be the name of the Lord!

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