>Day 7 of Relief Operations

>Day 7, Wednesday

Thank you to all the donors from international areas! CFC FFL New Zealand; CFC FFL Northern California; CFC FFL Texas; CFC FFL Qatar; CFC FFL Iceland; CFC FFL New Jersey; CFC FFL Vietnam; CFC FFL Canada. Love from around the world 🙂

And also THANK YOU to the CFC FFL Diocese of Kabankalan; and, Jess and Bobbie Laguitao.

We will be sending (or have sent) today to areas in Pasig; Taguig; Masantol, Tarlac; Laguna; Handmaids in San Mateo and Montalban in Rizal. We are also arranging help for the Divine Mercy Shrine in Bulacan; Marilao, Bulacan; and, Novaliches.

And we got this email recently, and have been coordinating with them (our efforts are being heard of all around, and we get more inquiries):

“Juvy Cuyugan-Aguilar,MD.,DPAFP”

I am Juvy Cuyugan-Aguilar,MD. a family med here in marilao bulacan. Ours is also badly beaten….my clinic turned into a a rescue area for almost all concerns….

One of the biggest government hosp which is Sta. Maria Gen Hosp has to close and they are still unable to operate.

Here in Bgy. Lambakin, Marilao, there are 3 major relocation areas which is Northville. Residents came from all the riles from caloocan up to northern bulacan.

Any assistance is sincerely appreciated.

The most immediate concern now is how to sustain life thru Intravenous fluid management since an outbreak of cholera is here. People as well are dying from hunger.

Here are my contact nos. if it is ok i can meet with you guys for your helping hand.

As an instrument of God’s gift of healing, it is my hearts burden now to uphold life at all cost.

Godbless us all.

#26 Network ave., Meralco Village, Bgy. Lias, Marilao, Bulacan
Tel nos. (044) 7113568
               (044) 7111161

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  1. Hi Dra. Juvy! Evangeline Medina here, Manager of National Treasury Multi-Purpose Cooperative. May I please know your email address so I could email the Medical Certificate which (alledgedly) you have issued. Please we need to verify this for the applied loan of one of our member.

    Thank you so much

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