>Day 6 of Relief Operations


What is in our relief packs? – you may be asking. Each of our packs has approximately P250 worth of goods. Which is VERY GOOD compared (well, we don’t want to compare) to other relief operations. They have the following inside:

1. 1 Kilo of Rice or Bread (and Spread)
2. 1.5 Liters of Water
3. 4- 6 Assorted Canned Goods
4. Detergent and Body Soap
5. Candles
6. Alcohol
7. 6 Packs of Cookies
8. 6 Packs of Noodles

… and we give them separate packs of clothes.

Thank you to the following donors: Abanador Family; Global Land Property Management, Inc. (who gave almost 2 floors of clothes and goods from different villages around Manila); Bikey Oporto; Christian Chico; Ivy Guiangco; Oland & Mimi David; Fe Carreon; Anna Arcaya; Maricel Montilla; Jun & Marie Villar; CFC FFL Laguna; and, CFC FFL Tacloban.

Today we sent to the following towns / provinces: Taguig; Laguna; San Mateo; Pasig; Marikina; and, Montalban. We are also coordinating with those areas that we already send goods to, if they need “refills” or even more clothes, due to areas that are still flooded.

Prayers are continuously welcome!

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