>Long Time, International Friends!

>I left the Home Office at 6PM last night to go home (well, home is now in Makati) before the dinner. I took the MRT which is packed with people, got to Ayala Station and then walked to the house. It was a nice walk, I was able to exercise and sweat, and praise God the rain didn’t fall! It was raining on and off during the day, so it was good I didn’t get drenched. It hasn’t rained since then, so everyone is just waiting for that typhoon Pepeng to hit…. I think people are panicking. Groceries were packed and people are buying flashlights, etc, everywhere.

I still had time to watch the news and take a shower before Lil, Carlo and Deo brought me to Serendra for dinner. Met up with the College Brats for dinner at Sentro. I have been with these guys since 1992! Since college days, all the way up to now. Sure we meet physically about 3 or 4 times a year, but there is constant daily communication with all of us… well, ever since graduation in 1996. So 17 years of friendship.

Jenny came from The Hague, so we met up with her for dinner. Rich, Cathy and Christian, Monica, Ina, Beep and Hansley, Tristan, Loudette, Gerard. And bumping into a lot of the M.E. people in the same area! Loleng, Allan and Melody, Barry. Like a major reunion.

Nice meeting up with friends. Got refreshed from working like crazy the past few days. 🙂

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