>Christianity in Action

>The past few days have really shown Christianity in action. More than love for country, it is showing the world that our love for God is showing through our love and care for others. It is so heartwarming.

Some SFL and YFL went with Ang Kapatiran to Pinagbuhatan, Pasig today to hold a Soup Kitchen for the residents there. Pinagbuhatan is one of those places that is still flooded. And looks like it won’t de-flood anytime soon.

They went there, gave food, and just were one with the people there in love. Wonderful. Great people. I am so happy to know them.

They are currently on their way back. Still through flood, and even now in the rain. But I am sure they don’t mind. And I am sure they’ll be back for more.

God bless them, and all of you who are helping in your own ways, big and small.

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