>Day 1 of Relief Operations

>We started the Relief Operations at the CFC FFL Home Office today. We started using the money donated, and then people came and donated in kind (Boy Katigbak, Mamaril Family from Dubai, Ai and Rose Galvez, Pipo Sison, Manalang Family, Aguila Family- to name a few. I do not have a list of those who gave after 4:00PM as we went to the areas already by that time).

It is getting difficult to buy water and canned goods at groceries because there seems to be panic buying. So bottled water and canned goods are out of stock everywhere.

We were able to find some after visiting about 4 groceries around Mandaluyong.

We sent goods to Villarica and Riverside Villages in Cainta; Nangka Elementary School in Marikina; San Mateo and Montalban. We will be continuing tomorrow. 🙂 A lot of these areas are still covered in mud. The creeks beside them are still full, and some are blocked with garbage. So if there really is a typhoon coming tomorrow, we can be in for more flooding.

I posted some pictures on Facebook:


Keep praying, keep donating (less clothes, more food and medicines), keep volunteering.

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