>Typhoon Ondoy 2. And Pepeng on the way?

>I spent the afternoon yesterday looking through Facebook and YouTube for news on what is happening in Metro Manila. We were without electricity for so long, we didn’t know what was going on anymore.

FB and YouTube were much more informative than the news on TV. Wow. I saw the floods ripping through major roads, through schools, raging over the river banks. People on rooftops. Status messages looking for people they knew. Text messages looking for people I know as well.

It is heart breaking. Because we were not prepared. We never expected this. And seeing the devastation and calamity is hard to accept. Why did it have to happen this way, and such great magnitude? And to people we know!

Houses gone. Or covered in mud. Or underwater. People “missing” because we have heard from them in hours due to dead batteries of cellphone. People cut off from the rest. Oh God, this is hard to take.

Let’s keep praying. Especially that there is news that another typhoon is coming in 2 days from now.

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