>Contraceptives for Pregnant Women?!

>I just saw an ad on TV where a woman was saying she was pregnant, and taking contraceptives. And these contraceptives are not bad for the baby, and do not affect her breastmilk. At the end of it, she eggs on other women to go to health centers to find out which contraceptive is best for them. The ad is for Trust Family Program (Trust is also the maker of Trust Condoms).

I believe she was misinformed. Any chemical taken into the body will have an affect. On the person, on the baby, on breastmilk. And finding out which chemical is “best for you” will have adverse effects on the person, baby and breastmilk. Promoting this does not think of the health of the mother or the baby. And does not promote family at all! It promotes de-sizing the family, and putting the mother and child at risk. Whoever is in charge of this is really trying to mislead the public.

Again, the answer is not telling people to use contraceptives because they need to make sure they don’t get pregnant. The choice is not whether to keep a baby or not (or to keep having sex without thinking of the responsibilities related to it). The answer and the choice is knowing when you are emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and physically ready for a commitment. To a person in marriage (which is a lifelong commitment) and to the children you will have because of that marriage (which is also a lifelong commitment). The choice comes even before the sexual acts – in choosing to do the right thing.

It is not as easy choosing the contraceptive that is best for you. It is about choosing the life that is best for you – a life lived with dignity, honor and purity.

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