>Typhoon Ondoy

>Yesterday can be put at par with Typhoons Frank and Milenyo. Though I have to say, we were more prepared for Frank and Milenyo. The government told us to prepare, we were psychologically ready, and though it was bad for the country, we were expecting the worst. This time, we did not expect this. No early report that a major typhoon was coming. No preparations, nothing was cancelled – and we were shocked.

The wind was strong, the rain unrelenting. Flooding everywhere, even in places where there is no flooding usually. People stranded, sleeping in schools, cars, anywhere they end up. People on rooftops because of the flood. Reminiscent of what happened in New Orleans.

Here in Antipolo, a major landslide covered a part of the major highway – Sumulong Highway. Right outside our gate. It downed power lines, and stopped incoming and outgoing traffic to Antipolo City. Added to that, Ortigas and Marcos Highways are all flooded up to necks. So Antipolo is cut off. As are other cities around the metro. Who knows what is going on in the provinces, probably just as hard hit, even worse.

And what was the response from the government? The landslide is still there. The floods are still there. I think they stuck to the announcement that it was only Signal Number 1 – which is just a normal rain predicament, and everything still pushes through. People were stuck on their houses (not in, mind you). It was mass disaster. It was bad. And our government – national and local – choked.

We see this all the time! We get major typhoons all the time! You’d think we would have a good, early warning system. And, failing that, a good response to calamities. But, we don’t. And while politicians are holed up in their big houses, eating their good food, watching cable TV while surfing their wifi internet, the rest of the country suffers. I am sick of these politicians. More lives and property can be saved if they just did their jobs, instead of promoting themselves and stealing our money.

But that is something we can fix next year. For now, let’s help our countrymen get through this latest disaster.

Pictures from the landslide:

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