Things on the horizon

>I often complain when I am not busy. Coming from being the lead person of big youth organizations, there was a time when I got “not-as-busy” and started complaining. About my free time, about my lack of pro-activeness, and all these other things that I could have fixed myself.

Sometimes God just gives you a break. To recuperate, to start thinking of new ideas, to fuel new passions. Now, I am just as busy as ever – maybe even busier. But this time, it is focused, passionate and always new. There are always new things cropping up here and there with what I am doing now. And it pushes me to improve myself everyday.

Thank God for that time of rest (even if it wasn’t that long), and thank God for the things He is preparing me for in the future. He is God, He knows what is best and He will use us even in our lack.


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