>Pro Life Youth Congress


The past years have been eye-openers to the plight of people who love life. There have been constant attacks and obstacles to promoting life and family as important. There is a continuous barrage of media messages pushing contraception, pre- and extra- marital sex; there is a non-stop push for the legalization of abortion and other such methods of terminating life at its early stages; and there is also a global decline of those who care and fight for the sanctity of life – in all its forms.

It is time to show our youth what it means to be pro-life. Teach them the values of keeping life precious. And empower them to bring this message and lifestyle to their own daily lives.

We would like to invite you, and your youth, to the PRO LIFE YOUTH CONGRESS. It will be on October 24, 2009; 2:00PM to 7:00PM at Parks and Wildlife, Quezon City. It will be an afternoon of learning about pro-life (not the organization, but the way of life) and it will be capped off by a concert celebrating life.

There is no entrance fee, but we appreciate it if the youth bring canned goods (or anything) that we will be donating to areas hit by the recent typhoons.

For more information, please contact the Pro Life Philippines office at life@prolife.org.ph or via fax at734-9425, or call us on our landline at 733-7027 and look for Ellen or Malou. You can also send us a text message at 0919-2337783. We hope to see you there, please send us a list of people who will be coming to the Congress.

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